Tree of Hope Sustaining Member

When you make a monthly donation to TFC, you become a member of the Tree of Hope family by:

  1. offering extraordinary support that enables TFC to continue providing exceptional programs, which focus on the needs of the entire family affecting the child needing a transplant; and
  2. by supporting and serving the family, TFC also serves the child.

Tree members also ensure TFC is able to plan for and accommodate the growing demands of our community, so we can continue to meet the needs of our families.

If you would like to support TFC by becoming a member of our family, please contact our office at 210-949-1212 or

We have an annual ceremony to add your leaf to the tree of support where we honor those who have been monthly contributors for over 12 months.


About Robert Dix

Robert Dix creates images out of glass that enables a sense of calm and beauty. The smooth clean lines of glass and the combination of colors blend together to create a simple statement of harmony. Robert’s passion for creating glass art has extended over many years and taken many forms.  His artwork comes from a strong belief to see the uniqueness in different types of glass and a myriad of colors.