Board of Directors

Nathan Johnson, President
NuStar Energy
GIS Mapping Specialist
Office: 563-299-5911
Program Committee, Chair

Jeanna Gaines, Vice-President
Bank of America
Asst. Vice President, Sr. Credit Support Assoc.
Phone: 210-386-6542
Development Committee

Melissa Kelley, Treasurer
Sol Schwartz and Associates P. C.
Office 210-384-8000
Finance Committee, Chair

Steven Alaniz, Secretary
Momentum Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab
Phone: 210-632-1960
Fax: 210-372-9923
Development Committee, Chair

Nathan Mechler, Member
Senior Counsel
Office: 210-345-4122
Policy Committee, Chair

Ikuyo Yamaguchi, Member
The University of Texas Health San Antonio
Division of Nephrology
Department of Pediatrics
Office: 210-562-5365

Jesse C. Baza, Member
Transplant Family/Client
Lone Star Capital Bank
Office: 210-372-7490
Cell: 210-643-1071
Finance Committee

Irma Ayroso-Guardiola, BSN Member
University Health Systems
Phone: 210-617-8273
Program Committee

Parker LaBarge, Member
REATA Real Estate Services
Associate Broker
Office: 210-841-3207
Cell: 314-705-0101
Development Committee

Nicole Locastro, Member
Transplant Client/Family
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 512-589-2757
Program Committee

Ian Minnis, Member
Sr. Marketing Manager
Office: 210-585-6058
Development Committee

David Davenport, Member
Transplants for Children
Executive Director
Office: 210-949-1212
Cell: 832-441-4047

Darian Padua, Member

DirectorERE Healthcare Real Estate Advisors
Commercial Real Estate Investment Advisor
Phone: 832-418-3463
Development Committee

Kristina (Tina) Ortega
Phone: 210-685-8889